“For Today’s Acupuncturist Who Understands the Power of Content Marketing, But Doesn’t Know How to Get Started…”

“How to Generate New Patients on Autopilot for Years to Come.”

Hi, this is Frank Prieto. I specialize in helping acupuncture practices just like yours get more patients from the internet.

Today I wanted to show you how to solve the biggest marketing problem you’ve struggled with since you opened your practice.

How do I know this is your biggest marketing problem?

Well, because it’s the ONE thing acupuncturists say they’re going to start doing because they know it’s important, but they never get around to it – ever.

It’s important solving this problem if you want to take your practice to the next level because:

  • Studies show it leads to 55% more website visitors
    More website visitors means more prospective patients
  • It generates 97% more inbound links
    Inbound links from other websites are important because they signal authority to search engines, increasing your chances of getting found
  • Business owners who have solved this problem have 434% more pages indexed in Google
    The more exposure you have on Google, the more you benefit from free traffic

So what is it that you should be doing that dramatically increases your online exposure helping you take your practice to the next level long term?

The answer, as Content Marketing.

Content Marketing (or Blogging if you wish,) is the solution, BUT it’s also the problem

It’s a problem for 3 main reasons:

  1. You don’t have the time to write ongoing content because you’re busy treating patients, running your practice and baby sitting employees
  2. If you did have the time to blog and the will power to do it every month, you’d still have to deal with the SEO and social media aspects of content marketing which are just as important as writing the content… Writing a blog post and hitting the ‘Publish’ button doesn’t mean they will come. – There’s more to it than that.
  3. You’ve considered outsourcing your blog content, but you’re concerned that the quality of outsourced content might not portray you in a good light.

That’s why my team and I developed a done-for-you content marketing service for acupuncturists that solves your content marketing problem in a big way.

I’d like to introduce you to ACUPowerBlog™.

Let me show you what’s inside ACUPowerBlog™, so you can see why I’m so excited about this strategy.

When you sign up for ACUPowerBlog™, you get a professionally written article every month that is unique to your blog, and written by a published author who is also a practicing acupuncturist.

This is a huge deal because for a long time now, acupuncturists have considered outsourcing their blog content, but they’re afraid to put their name on an article a writer wrote because they say that writers are not acupuncturist and the articles won’t be up to their standards. — With ACUPowerBlog that’s no longer an issue.

Evidence shows that the amount and quality of content published on a blog, the better chance it has of a top position in Google’s search results (source: SerpIQ.) So every month we furnish you with a well written article of about 500 words to attract potential patients in your area who are searching for answer to their health issues.

With ACUPowerBlog the content is uniquely written for you and published only on your blog. This is not a membership site where you download short articles to publish on your blog that are already published on other acupuncture websites, resulting in thin-duplicate content that Google ignores.

The content is written for your blog with an exclusive unlimited term license (known as ghost writing.) In other words, the author releases the rights to the content so you can use it as your own, as opposed to choosing from a pool of generic, pre-written articles that have already been published on other TCM blogs. Your articles are unique and exclusive to you, so you can benefit from the exposure that only this kind of quality publishing provides.

Not only do you get the monthly article ghost written uniquely for you with release rights, you also get to choose the topic you want to publish each month. — This is huge because some acupuncturists specialize in certain conditions and want content that reflects their unique practice.

Every article comes with a high quality royalty-free image that gets published with your blog post. This is also important because researchers have found that colored visuals increase people’s willingness to read a piece of content by 80%. (source: HubSpot).

And finally, the last piece of the puzzle that brings it all together is the SEO (search engine optimization,) and promoting the content on social media.

As I said earlier, publishing the content is important, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle. To take your practice to the next level using content marketing, you have to optimize that blog post for the search engines (SEO,) and promote it on social media.

ACUPowerBlog™ takes care of this too… You see, before we hit the ‘Publish’ button, every one of your blog post gets optimized with keywords, meta tags, image tags, the right permalink, and a host of other optimization factors to get you as much exposure as possible. Without SEO you can build it, but they won’t come.

After we SEO your blog post and hit the publish button, we’re not done yet. We then make our way to the social media networks and share your engaging content on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

And if that wasn’t enough, we’ll also set up a Facebook retargeting campaign so the users who visit your blog for the first time, come back again every time we publish a new blog post for you. – Sweet, right?

— By they way, you also get monthly traffic reports so you can monitor the results of your content marketing strategy to see if it’s working or not.

By now you’re probably wondering how much will you have to pay for a custom tailored, high-end content marketing program like ACUPowerBlog™.

Well, before I tell you how much it costs, let me tell you about the two bonuses you can lock-in when you sign up today.


FreeBonus1 My Social Media Marketing Service for Acupuncturists($128/mo value.)

We post on your behalf, 10 posts per week on your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. The posts consist of relevant content we share on your social media accounts having to do with alternative medicine, acupuncture, medical news, fitness, yoga, nutrition, exercise, and an occasional light post that appeals to the population in general.

FreeBonus2Monthly Backlink Campaign – also known as Off-Page SEO 
($167/mo value.)

Here we publish four unique articles per month on other websites, hence the term off-page SEO, with links pointing back to your main website. Backlinks are important because they signal authority to search engines about your site.

OK, so here’s the deal…

A comprehensive content marketing program like ACUPowerBlog™ is worth between $600 to $700 per month.

How do I know this?

Because to come up with this figure, I used the data from the Content Marketing Institute website, which published the chart pictured below, showing typical monthly costs for a mid-size business that produces two blog posts per week, plus a piece of premium content per month.

Content Marketing

In order to come up with a comparable number, I divided the total monthly expense by the total pieces of content, to come up with a cost per piece of content. I know it’s not a perfect formula, but it gives us an idea –> ($11,957 divided by 9 pieces of content = $1,328.56 per article.)

Since the numbers on the chart are based on a mid-sized business, and the typical acupuncture practice is a small business, I reduced the price per article by 50%, hence the $664/month figure.

But don’t worry – you won’t have to pay $664 per month for ACUPowerBlog™.

I simply wanted to show you this example, because I think if you tried to do this yourself, your cost would not be too far off from $600 – especially when you take into account what your time is worth.

Here’s the bottom line…

I’ve done my best to show why ACUPowerBlog™ is your best option to help you take your practice to the next level long-term. The truth is there’s nothing like it out there because this requires a lot of work and know-how.

If you’re not interested in growing your practice using an advanced content marketing strategy like this, then this is clearly not for you.

But if you see the enormous opportunity and the competitive advantage your practice will gain from ACUPowerBlog™, then join me today.

Look at the value you get if you sign up today:

ACUPowerBlog – $664/month value

Bonus #1 – Social Media Marketing – $128/month value

Bonus #2 – Monthly Backlink Campaign$167/month value


Total Monthly Value: $959

You won’t have to pay $959, $759 or even $559.

If you sign up for ACUPowerBlog™ today, you can lock-it-in for only $499/month.

Click the sign up button below to get started before this offer expires.

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NOTE: This special discount expires in:


PS– A couple of things to keep in mind…

  1. This special price expires when the timer on this page counts down to zero, so if you’re interested, please don’t procrastinate and sign up today because mañana may be too late… Avoid disappointment and click the green button below to get 40% OFF now. This is not a gimmick. The regular price is $664/month – no exceptions.
  2. The bonuses on this page will go away after this offer expires ($295/monthly value.)
  3. There are no contracts and you can cancel anytime. We only ask you give us a 30 day notice. There are no refunds.
  4. We reserve the right to end this offer at any time without notice. If you’re looking for a way to generate new patients for your practice on autopilot for years to come, then ACUPowerBlog™ is right for you. Click the green button below and let’s get started today.

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