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Hey folks, this is Frank Prieto, and today I want to share with you some exciting news, and that is that our suite of marketing automation tools for acupuncturist is now available as a standalone solution. 

The marketing automation tools, which I'll show you in just a second, were only available to our NewACUPatient$™ 2.0 clients as part of their subscription.

But we've now made the suite of tools available as a standalone solution, so any acupuncturist that wants to automate their acupuncture marketing on their own outside of our done-for-you plans can now do so.

But it gets even better because unlike most software solutions where you have to go through hours of video training or reading tutorials, the NewACUPatient$™ 2.0 suite of tools comes all set up for you and customized for your practice. So, you can take off running right out of the gate.

I'm going to show you inside the NewACUPatient$™ 2.0 dashboard right now, so you can see what I'm talking about. But before I do, I need to tell you something so there are no misconceptions.

NewACUPatient$™ 2.0  Tools is not a CRM, it is not a EHR, and does not have to integrate with any of those to work, and does not interfere with your current online booking system.

NewACUPatient$™ 2.0 Tools is a marketing automation system designed to convert more website visitors into new patients.

Heck, I'll go a step further and say that it's designed to convert more consumers into new patients, even before they hit your website.

You think I'm stretching it, right? OK, enough talk, let me show you...

So, this is the NewACUPatient$™ 2.0 dashboard. The dashboard gives you an overview of all the metrics in one place. It’s empty when it's newly installed, but it populates with analytics as traffic and leads flow in when you start using it.

As you can see here, Google, Facebook, Google My Business and Google Analytics data also displays on the dashboard.

Once we connect your Google My Business Page and Facebook pages to the NewACUPatient$™ 2.0 dashboard, they will have the green checkmarks as shown on this screenshot. It's important not to attempt to connect your Google My Business Page and Facebook pages yourself. We’ll take care of that for you.

OK, so this is the conversations tab view. This is the section you'll spend most of your time when you are logged into the dashboard because this is where all the phone calls, text messages, emails, web chat conversations, Facebook Messenger and Google My Business messages are found.

Now, remember earlier when I told you that NewACUPatient$™ 2.0 Tools are designed to convert more consumers into new patients even before they hit your website?

So this is what I was talking about…

Consumers on Google can message you from your Google My Business Page, where they're not even on your website yet to start a conversation. You can see that all the conversations are here in just one place.

So yes, consumers can reach you even before they land on your website, not only from Google My Business page, but of course, from Facebook as well by sending you a Messenger message.

Here you can see a patient fills out a web form, and the form results are emailed to your admin email address and also included in the conversation section here. Notice the email icon.

All calls are recorded for quality assurance as you can see here and can be listened to in this same conversations section.

This is a text message here sent to a caller if a caller hangs up or leaves you a voicemail message. Here's the text message the caller gets. You also get an email informing you that you got a missed call.

This here is someone on Facebook messaging the clinic from the clinic's Facebook page, notice the Facebook Messenger icon.

This is someone messaging the clinic using the web chat on your website. Notice the web chat icon.

You can communicate with new and existing patients right from this section, using the editor below. The editor changes from SMS editor to an email editor depending on which message you select in the inbox.

Here's where you can tag a contact, attach a file, and use emojis.

This person here is messaging the clinic from the clinic’s Google My Business Page, as I mentioned earlier on their mobile device. Google My Business messaging allows consumers to message a business right from Google as you see here.

So, it's important to know that Google will know if the business is responding to these chat messages and how long it takes the business to respond. If the business ignores these chat messages or takes a long time to respond, Google will remove the feature from your Google My Business page. So, you want to keep that in mind because this is a very powerful messaging tool that is happening outside of your website.

This patient here left a five-star review on Google. When patients leave you a Google review, the reviews are displayed in the inbox as you see here. You can respond to the review right from here in the dashboard by using the review response editor below.

OK, so let's look at the reputation tab now.

This is the reputation section which contains all the information relating to your Google reviews. It shows the average review rating, review sentiment and reviews you've requested.

Here's where you manage your reviews, request more reviews by text or email, and respond to reviews. I'll show you on the next page now.

Here's a Google review request sent via text message to a patient after a recent visit. The custom field {{contact.first_name}} is replaced automatically with a patient's first name when you choose the contact.

Five minutes after the patient receives the text message, they automatically get an email following up on the review request via email as well. The follow up email message is a slightly different and longer message that's more appropriate for email, as opposed to the text message that should be concise and short.

Here's a review request sent… Here are your reviews on Google.

The graphs on this page give you a visual of the review invitations sent versus reviews received. By the way, all these messages are prewritten for you so that you don't have to worry about this.

Here you can see the default setting in the NewACUPatient$™ 2.0 Tools booking calendar is set to ‘Action Required’ so that new leads can be booked on your current booking system when you call them to confirm the appointment.

Until the appointment is confirmed, the new patient knows it's a ‘request for appointment’. However, we can set up the calendar for you as confirmed appointments, if you so choose to use the NewACUPatient$™ 2.0 Tools calendar as your booking calendar, or if you use Google Calendar and want to sync it to your Google Calendar.

Like I said earlier, NewACUPatient$™ 2.0 Tools is not a CRM, but you do have that option if you wanted to. That's the great thing about it.

OK, so this is the scheduling tab, where you find the appointments booked on the calendar. The calendar is a simple booking calendar on the front end, that is highly customizable on the back end.

You can have one calendar for a sole practitioner or many calendars for a practice with many. You have the option to sync it with a Google Calendar if you use a Google calendar to book your appointments.

Again, NewACUPatient$™ 2.0 Tools is not a CRM and does not replace your practice management or online booking system like I said earlier, but you have the flexibility to use it like that if you choose to.

So I want to make sure you understand that it does not replace or it's not supposed to sync or connect with your current CRM or EHR solution. Is simply an automated marketing funnel to convert new leads into new patients that comes with a calendar to get new patients to book or request an appointment.

You see, NewACUPatient$™ 2.0 Tools is an automated marketing funnel, that's what it is. It's not a CRM, it's an automated marketing funnel to convert new leads into new patients, right? It comes with a calendar to get new patients to book or request an appointment.

The system informs new patients that a staff member will call them back to confirm the actual date and time of the appointment. At that time, your front desk will book them into your booking system or Google Calendar, or whatever practice management system you use.

This is the most effective way to get new patients in the door. Your current booking system is great for established patients and follow up visits, but it shouldn't be used to send new leads directly to book their first appointment on their own because it's not likely that it's optimized to convert leads into new patients.

That's very important. Can your online booking system works for new leads? Yes, it can work to book new leads from organic traffic. But if you're running paid ads on Google and Facebook, you want to make sure that every step in the marketing funnel is optimized for conversions, especially the booking step, so that you can get the highest ROI possible from your ad spend. But we can set it up either way for you.

Here are the regular contacts. Here's how you create Smart Lists. The contacts section in the dashboard is where you find all your contacts and their latest interactions with your practice, whether it was a phone call, email, SMS, web chat, or Facebook Messenger - or Google My Business message.

But the most powerful feature of the Contacts section is the ability to create Smart Lists. Smart Lists give you an incredible level of flexibility to manage and segment your list of patients in just about any way you can possibly think of.

You can create a Smart Lists of patients who only meet certain criteria, allowing you to segment your marketing message by filtering for example by age, last appointment, offer, zip code, source and much more.

You can save certain filters to your list and save as many Smart Lists as needed, letting you move from one list of patients to another for whatever purpose, allowing you to market to every person on the list individually. It's very powerful. The efficiency and segmentation potential of Smart Lists is incredible.

The reporting tab provides you with incredible amount of tracking information so you know if your marketing is working or not. You'll know where the leads are coming from, whether it's Google, Facebook, Yelp, direct traffic etc. You'll also know which leads come from organic traffic and which ones are a result of paid search or social media advertising campaigns.

And in the Google ads and Facebook ads tab, you'll also know what your ad spend is for each platform, the number of impressions and clicks your ads received, the CTR (which is the click-through-rate,) the average CPC (cost-per-click) and your conversion rate.

So here's the deal…

You can get the NewACUPatient$™ 2.0 marketing automation tools for just $97/month.

We will set it up for you so you don't have to spend months trying to figure out how to connect everything together or even have to write the messages I've shown you because we'll do it all for you.

Of course, you can customize them, just send us what you want them to say, if you want a different message.

Now here's the thing, the price will undoubtedly go up because $97 is the introductory price. So, if you want to automate your marketing and have more free time to do what you love most, sign up today to lock in this introductory price before it goes up.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. I'll be happy to get on a call with you so you can get started with:

  • Google Reviews Management
  • 2 Way Texting Website Widget
  • Google Business Profile Messaging
  • Google Business Profile Call Tracking
  • Facebook & Instagram Messaging
  • Unified Messaging Inbox
  • Call Tracking and Recording
  • Missed Call Text Back
  • Request Call Back Feature
  • Desktop Tracking Dashboard
  • Lead Management Mobile App

It takes five days to set up, so don't delay. Sign up today to automate your marketing and have more free time to do what you love most.

Thank you for watching. 

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Frank Prieto
Marketing Strategist
Creator of NewACUPatient$™ 2.0

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