"What Nobody Ever Tells You About Google Adwords."

By Frank Prieto - Acupuncture Marketing Strategist

The 7 Most Important Things an Acupuncturist Needs to Know Before Spending a Dime on Google Adwords.
In this Free Report you'll discover:
  • The 2 biggest keyword mistakes health practitioners make and how to prevent this from happening to you

  • The most important setting in an Adwords account that many acupuncturists ignore -- it's good for Google, but bad for you

  • What  you don't know about the Adwords daily budget that is costing you a  small fortune in lost leads every month. -- Your competitor prays  everyday you don't figure this one out
  • What attention grabbing ads look like, and the reason why. - Ignore this one at your own risk

  • The truth about click fraud

  • How to achieve your highest-ever Adwords conversion rate in 10 days or less
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